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Welcome to our Travel-Blog!

We are Dennis and Lisa, together we are traveling trough the beautiful Australia since November 2015. We are both 24 years old and love to travel. When we leave Australia our next destination will be South-East Asia, where we’ll spend 4 weeks.

On this website we want to share our experiences and memories from our trips with you. We hope that you’ll find some information if you are planing you’re Australia trip :)

About us: Klick here!

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Humpback whales are awesome!

| Queensland | No Comments
To be honest, we have been thinking for a long time whether a Whalewatching Tour will really be worth it, as we have seen and observed Whales already on the mainland....

Fantastic Fraser

| National Parks, Queensland | No Comments
Fantastic Fraser "Buckle up and seat belts on" you can hear through the bus and already the bumpy ride over the largest sand island of the world starts. There are...

Whitsundays – Like Heaven

| National Parks, Queensland, Städte | No Comments
Whitsundays - Like Heaven Only 17 of the 74 Whitsunday Islands are inhabited, but almost all are located in the national park of the same name. From Airlie Beach start...

Great Barrier Reef is WOOOW

| National Parks, Queensland | No Comments
The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest reef in the world, it's so big you can even see it from the universe. It consists of over 2900 single reefs and...

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Our Campervan

| Hilfreich, Uncategorized | No Comments
Our van is not just a car, it is our home. In a year we will drive about 40,000 kilometers. After 10 hours on the road it is perfect that...

Get a Bank Account

| Hilfreich, Uncategorized | No Comments
Why a bank account? If you want to spend some time in Australia, you should get an Australian bank account. Over all, if you are going to work here, you'll...

Links you gonna need

| Hilfreich, Uncategorized | No Comments
Facebook: There are a lot of backpacker groups on Facebook, here you can ask everything you want to know and usually you'll get an answer. We are in the German...

The first days

| Hilfreich, Uncategorized | No Comments
The first days in Australia are usually very hard, so we have put together a couple of tips for you. Money: If you have a working holiday visa, you must...