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To be honest, we have been thinking for a long time whether a Whalewatching Tour will really be worth it, as we have seen and observed Whales already on the mainland. Luckily we decided to go for the trip! Hervey Bay is, so to speak, the Whalewatching capital on the east coast, many vendors start from here half-day or full-day tours. Our 3/4 Tags Tour with Freedoom Whalewatching started at 9am from the harbor in Hervey Bay. For £ 100 per person, there was breakfast tea and coffee, snacks, lunch, a cheese platter, and the friendliest ship crew in the world. While the captain of the boat has informed us about loudspeakers about Fraser Island and Whales.

It was not long before we saw the first whales, a mother and her young. The approx. 5 meters “small” whale had visibly fun and planned in the water. Something unusual was that the mother was also interested in our ship and us, she pushed the baby closer to our boat and showed herself. The two animals were not a meter away and had fun to present themselves, which was really impressive. Normally mothers react very sensitively to the watching boats and swim rather away, since we were really lucky.

In the course of the day we saw many more whales and the captain stayed with the animals until they were swallowed by themselves. When it was time to turn around and head for Hervey Bay, we have again discovered three whales who showed themselves at their best and often jumped out of the water. Overall, we spent almost an hour longer on the sea than actually planed, only when the whales turned away from us did we return.

It was a very impressive experience to be so close to the animals that we will probably have in our memory forever. Freedoom Whalewatching is absolutely top and recommendable, the whole crew was always very friendly and helpful, even the food was made by the staff, just great!


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