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Facebook: There are a lot of backpacker groups on Facebook, here you can ask everything you want to know and usually you’ll get an answer. We are in the German group “Work and Travel Australia” as well as in the international group “Backpacker Australia”

Gumtree: One of the most important websites for backpackers, here you can buy and sell everything you like, just like on Ebay. You can quickly and easily find jobs here. If you are looking for work, you should call the employer directly or visit personally if an address is availible, because messages or mails are not getting answered most times.

Wikicamps: The app is available for iPhone and Android phones and costs a few dollars. For this, it is very important for everyone who is traveling in their own car. Here are all freecamps registered, so you can choose a place to sleep without fear of a penalty. The app also shows other POIs (Point of Interrest) like public showers and toilets, libraries, wash-houses and sights.

Skyscanner: Here you will find all of our flights. The website has the advantage that instead of a specific date, you can also specify a whole month in which you would like to fly, so you can find the cheapest flight without long searching. After we have found a flight, we book it via the airline directly, so you avoid additional fees that go to external companys.

Tax Office: Here you can request your tax refund. This is super easy,  you really dont need no agency and pay for it 🙂

Department of Immigration: Here you apply for your visa

Hostelworld: Here you will find the perfect hostel for you. There are a lot of filter to specify your serch.