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The first days in Australia are usually very hard, so we have put together a couple of tips for you.

Money: If you have a working holiday visa, you must be able to present 5000 $ (3500 €) or a valid return flight ticket at the airport. The controls are sample-like, I was checked, which lasted only two minutes. We think you shouldn’t come to Australia if you don’t have the 5000 AUD because the first few weeks are very expensive and it’s not allways easy to find a job, especialy in the bigger citys.

Jetlag: Some can handle it better, some less well. We do not recommend you to do nothing  for the first two days. When you arrive check in your first hostel and relax. If you feel fit go out into the city and get some fresh air, if you want you can  apply for your tax number and create a bank account, but more about that later. Go to bed at the Australian time and try to sleep to get used to the new time. P.s. A longer intermediate stop in Asia helps your body, since the time shift occurs stepwise.

Open a new account: If you want to work in Australia you definitely need a bank account. We can recommend the NAB as it is free of charge, offers a good online banking system via app and NAB ATMs can be found in almost any town. How to request the account and what you need for it you can read here: Bank, tax, etc.